Media Buying-

With right advertising and purchase, we can get your product selling but the right media allocation can earn its credibility that is valuable.

Marketing Engage Advertising is equally skilled in the domain of media planning &amp buying. Our media planners undertake specific market research combined with marketing wisdom and thus plan and persuade the target audiences.

Custom planning goes into the promotion of each brand, and the promotion media cannot be generalized. Our branding and advertising services are a mix of optimal patterns in the choice of media, frequency, tone, placement, innovation. We take abottom -up approach wherein a source of our confidence is our understanding of the target consumer's psyche.

The steps of media planning

  1. · Competition Study – We analyze the promotional activities by the competition and how it is affecting our business, brand and the market.

  2. · Planning Guidelines – Our planning is based on research, we make objectives that best reflect the category and brand requirements

  3. · Media Plans – We develop plans based on the overall strategy of client based on overall objective.

  4. · Portfolio Management – We develop customized plans to fulfill the marketingagenda.

Marketing Engage welcomes and incorporates the recommendations of media groups, channels and clients into the media planning and buying process.We are happy to keep in mind the concerns of all stakeholders.