Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a cost effective way to increase your ROI and add to your usual promotional channel. Affiliate Marketing will help you capture the market share, it implies a revenue sharing relationship between online merchants and online affiliates wherein the latter promote a product or service and route the interested consumers to the advertiser's website. The affiliate earns a fee in reward when the visitor performs the intended sale transaction or will ingengagement on the advertiser's website where the affiliate is the source of that routing.

Advertisers hire us right from the stage of understanding the advertisers' product, to the designing and execution of the test campaign and then eventually deploying experienced Publishers, Affiliates, with the creative assets that will drive efforts to measurable success.

Cash-efficient pay-per- measure promotion is combined with intelligence drivens trategy, conversion-optimized creatives, sticky content and comprehensive data analytics to get the results that the Advertisers want to see, and expect from us.